Saas Module App - Flutter Full App BloC State Management

Saas Module app is a Flutter App which provide user to make fast app with all basic common functionality. Most common featurs among most of all have like login, notifications, payment gateway, chat, location. App is nicely designed and developed using flutter, open-source mobile application development with bloc state management created by Google for building natively compiled applications (Android and iOS) from a single codebase.

Saas Module app will save a lot of time to develop a unique, neat, and clean mobile application for e-commerce app, booking app, delivery app, etc…. It comes with Android, iOS versions. So, you just have to integrate our module into your own application.

By using Saas Module app flutter , developer can save for 100+ hours to develop mobile application rather than searching for features on internet.

Core Features of Flutter Module App

  • Location Module
    • Get Current Location
    • Get Nearest Place
    • Find Distance
  • Login/SignUp Module
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Google
  • Firebase Chat Module
  • Notification Module
    • Show Notification
    • Schedule Notification
    • Show Big Picture Notification
    • Media Style Notification
    • Cancel Notification
  • Payment Gateway Module
    • Stripe
    • Razorpay
    • FlutterWave


  • Any Operating System (ie. MacOS X, Linux, Windows).
  • Any IDE with Flutter SDK installed (ie. Android Studio, VSCode etc).
  • A basic knowledge of Flutter and Dart.

Application Screens

  • List of Module
  • Login
  • Register
  • Home
  • Location tab
  • Google map
  • Find nearest
  • Distance location
  • Chat
  • Notification tab
  • Payment Gateway tab
  • Add Card
  • Select Payment
  • Proceed Payment
  • Search Country
  • Choose Card
  • Select Test Card
  • More…