Zue: On-Demand Home Service App | UrbanClap Clone

Zue is the cloned version of the biggest Indian home service app (UrbanClap). It was designed with the latest technology and trends with a focus on user experience. It will look amazing on any device and will help bring your product to life.

Get your business online using our app to order on demand! Provide on-demand home services to customers. Whether you plan to provide professional home services such as plumbing, electrical, carpeting, and cleaning, salon pest control massage, painter, massage fitness, or decoration service.

Create an online app marketplace with Urbanclap Clone that lets users connect with local professional service providers and purchase the services they require in a few taps. CodyBuy provides a robust app similar to Zue along with the latest features that can meet the ever-growing need for a single-stop marketplace for services.

What is included:

  • Client Android app source code
  • Partner/Service Provider Application Source Code
  • Admin panel PHP script source code
  • Installation Documentation & Database file

What kinds of business models can we provide with our bundles?

It doesn't matter if you're an aggregator of services or a new startup looking to offer home services on demand We've got you covered with our advanced feature-packed Zue script, a robust administration panel, and easy access features that allow you to effectively manage your business even without a lot of technical know-how. All you need to do is choose the appropriate business model and begin your business.

Home Service Businesses

Manage and provide your home service companies to your customers who are by just only a few taps and swipes. From scheduling staff to managing your staff everything is possible to manage by using the powerful dashboard.

Multi-service Aggregator App

Develop a multi-service company through the development of an app that allows users to get in touch with trusted professionals in the event of a need.

Single-Service Aggregator App

If you are looking to offer one service that is exclusively for your customers, like handyman, car wash laundry services, beauty cleaning, repair, etc. This model could be beneficial to you.

What we offer Zue

  • Customer App
    • Native Apps

      The iOS along with Android applications will also be available for customers to request assistance by tapping a few buttons.

    • Simple Registration

      Customers can begin using social logins, instead of having to enter your personal information manually.

    • Browse Services

      Users can manage their profile. Users have the option of managing their essential information, favorites and much more.

    • Search Options

      It allows users to have a an uncluttered view of the various services available in the app.

    • Submit Request

      With this feature, customers are able to look up the details of available services and make a request if they are they are interested.

    • Feedback Form

      It allows the user to complete a set of questions in order to obtain more effective results from improvement.

    • Schedule Service

      Provide your customers with an option to be flexible with this featureas it lets them avail services at the time that suits them best.

    • Notifications

      Updates to the service in real-time will be communicated to customers, such as request for approval, confirmation of orders and more.

    • Uninterrupted Payments

      Handle secure transactions through various payment gateways, while also allowing either cash or cashless methods of payment.

    • Engageable UX

      A simple and easy to navigate interface will be made available to offer a remarkable user experience.

    • Tech Support

      Post- and pre-support will be offered to all customers who purchase the product, such as FAQs and tutorials for the app as well as help-related queries.

  • Service Provider App
    • Smart Registration

      Provides service providers with an easy and quick registration process for the login.

    • Profile Approval

      Providers are able to start with their services when the profile is approved by the administrator.

    • Instant Notification

      Providers of services will be informed of any new inquiries or requests by text, email or push messages.

    • Requests Approval

      Providers are able to review, approve the request of the customer, and accept the request after the service is approved.

    • Manage Availability

      Providers are able to set and manage their availability time for providing their services to their customers.

    • In-app Communication

      This feature in-app helps in improving interactions between users and the providers.

    • Add Payment Details

      Providers are able to add their payment account information to help customers make to make a smooth transaction.

    • Other Costs

      This allows providers to add additional charges which are included in the final cost of the service.

    • Service Records

      Professionals can see their customers' future service requests and completed services by using this feature.

    • Feedback

      Service providers can determine an excellent quality services by analyzing feedback from their customers and can assist in improvement.

  • Admin Dashboard
    • Robust Dashboard

      With a technologically advanced administration dashboard, you will be able to control all your operations with ease.

    • Manage Service Providers

      You can easily manage the profiles of service providers. You can choose to add or remove them according to your screening process.

    • Profile Verification

      Process the verification of profiles by examining documents on the panel.

    • Service Listings Management

      Check out all the services, their information including pricing, categories and so on. through this feature.

    • Manage Service Requests

      This allows you to control all service requests and also assign service the service providers based on that.

    • Control the payment process

      Make a clear schedule of commission rates using this approach, and also check the amount of dues and dues to be paid.

    • Run Promotions

      Offer discount coupons, promo codes or trials of your products and monitor their use performance.

    • Manage Ads

      Control and manage your revenue by allowing third-party advertisements on your application.

    • Make sure to keep Notifications on file

      Manage and update your settings for notifications such as SMS as well as email and alerts.

    • Manage Reviews

      Respond, flag and manage the feedback of your customers to monitor and track the results.

    • Reporting and Analytics

      Examine your data and analytics points by examining your management to make educated choices for your business.

What we can offer

  • Mobile Apps

    Our app-on-demand service can be downloaded for both iOS as well as Android platforms, providing ease-of-use and smooth performance.

  • Web App

    With an amazing interface and technologically advanced features that we provide the web application with flexibility to customize and built-in configurations.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Our powerful dashboard lets you to keep track of all app's activities and monitor the performance too.

  • Customizable Option

    Rebranding can be completed in a matter of minutes. We offer a customized service to clients for future needs.

  • Payment Modules

    Our app is equipped with secure payment gateways that carry safe transactions.